Monolaurin and lysine

Marcus Ettinger. Orange, CA Lauric acid is a carbon medium-chain fatty acid MCFA found naturally in human breast milk 6. Lauric acid was originally discovered when microbiologists studied human breast milk to determine the protective antiviral and antibacterial substances which protected infants from microbial infections.

Other fatty acids were also found to have antimicrobial actions but lauric acid was found to be the most active. Lauric acid is able to disrupt the cell membrane of gram-positive bacteria by physicochemical physical and chemical processes.

Once inside the cell, it can interfere with bacterial cell signal transduction and gene transcription processes. This reaction can occur within our body and in a laboratory. Monolaurin has been extensively studied at medical research centers, including the Center for Disease Control CDCbecause of its high antimicrobial antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-yeast, and antiprotozoal activity.

These studies have provided information about the antiviral and antibacterial mechanisms of monolaurin. Sadly, monolaurin had no effect on diseases caused by non-enveloped viruses such as the poliovirus, coxsackievirus, encephalomyocarditis virus, rhinovirus, and rotaviruses. Helicobacter pylori H. The antiviral and antibacterial action attributed to monolaurin is that of making soluble the fats in the protective envelope, causing the disintegration of the microbial membrane.

This process works more efficiently when combined with metal chelating agents, such as EDTA and lactoferrin, and mucolytics, like NAC and guaifenesin. Recent publications have shown that monolaurin and lauric acid inhibit the replication of viruses by interrupting the communication and binding of the virus to host cells and thus preventing the uncoating of viruses necessary for replication and infection.

Other studies have shown that monolaurin is able to remove all measurable infectivity by directly disintegrating the protective bacterial and viral lipid envelope. Binding of monolaurin to the viral envelope also makes the virus more susceptible to degradation by host defenses, heat, or ultraviolet light. Projan et alHornung et alWitcher et al, Monolaurin and Lauricidin were one of the first components of my biofilm protocol when I developed it, for the natural treatment of H.

Since then I have found it to be an indispensable supplement in my practice. Mol Cell Biochem. New, safe antimicrobial agents are needed to prevent and overcome severe bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Based on our previous experience and that of others, we postulated that herbal essential oils, such as those of origanum, and monolaurin offer such possibilities. We examined in vitro the cidal def. Origanum oregano proved cidal to all tested organisms with the exception of B.

Monolaurin was cidal to S. Unlike the other two gram-negative organisms, H. Similar to origanum, monolaurin was static to B. Fabian M. Dayrit, Ph.Log in or Sign up. Jun 21, 1. I found out about this wonderful product Monolaurin mg from a retired nutritionist friend. Now I've been given a page of technical data on it, to share.

I have been using it for 2 months now whenever I feel that I have been exposed to any people that have any flu symptoms. This is my first post, I think it's really worth the time to read, and I look foreward to several dialogs.

Teachable What is Monolaurin? Monolaurin is a physiologic anti-microbial agent that protects the immune system from a range of infectious agents.

A monoglycerol ester of the fatty acid lauric acid, it can be found in mammalian breast milk, amniotic fluid, and some foods, most notably coconut oil. It has been shown to protect newborns, whose immune systems are underdeveloped, from Respiratory Syncytial Virus RSV and other respiratory tract viruses 1,2.

As a dietary supplement, it has been used as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent. Is Monolaurin safe? Not only is Monolaurin included on the GRAS generally recognized as safe list, but it may, by virtue of its source of origin, be safer than many other food supplements that are designed to boost the immune system.

monolaurin and lysine

One of the safest substances known to man is breast milk. This is where the monoglyceride of lauric acid Monolaurin is found. In analyzing the composition of human breast milk, medical researchers found lauric acid monoglycerides in high concentrations, which is what led them to study Monolaurin as an anti-viral agent 4,5.

Monolaurin is also found in coconut oil, butter, and heavy cream; only recently has it been isolated and purified. It is highly unusual in pharmacology to find chemicals that are toxic to lower forms of life bacteria, fungi, and viruses but non-toxic to man. Which microorganisms are killed by Monolaurin? While Monolaurin is most widely used as an anti-viral agent, it also has beneficial effects against pathogenic bacteria, yeasts and fungi; other fatty acids such as caprylic and sorbic acids are more effective against yeasts, but ineffective against viruses.

Monolaurin has no effect on naked viruses, such as polio, encephalitis virus, coxsachie, or pox viruses.Monolaurin is a chemical derived from lauric acid, a component of both coconut fat and breast milk. Also known as glycerol monolaurate or glyceryl laurate, monolaurin is used in cosmetics and as a food additive. People can also take it as a dietary supplement. Monolaurin has shown antibacterial and antiviral effects when examined in test tubes and culture dishes, which is referred to as in vitro testing.

Researchers are currently investigating its usefulness in clinical settings. The research on monolaurin is limited. So far, its effects have only been seen when tested in laboratories or on animals. Monolaurin shows antibacterial effects against a range of bacteria including antibiotic-resistant bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus Staph. According to a studymonolaurin is effective both in vitro and in living beings against certain strains of Staph infection. Other research indicates that monolaurin can inhibit the activity of other types of bacteria such as Escherichia coli E.

monolaurin and lysine

Inthe Journal of Drugs in Dermatology published a study that compared monolaurin and six common antibiotics in the treatment of skin infections. The antibiotics included penicillinoxacillin, and vancomycin. Most of the bacteria also did not display any resistance to the monolaurin. There are many antibiotic-resistant bacteria that no longer respond to medications. Monolaurin might be helpful, has few side effects, and is cost-effective to use.

monolaurin and lysine

Monolaurin is reported to inhibit several lipid-coated viruses that affect humans and animals, including:. Recent research on female primates indicates that daily application of monolaurin vaginal gel may reduce the risk of contracting SIV, the primate form of HIV.

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Both monolaurin and coconut oilwhich contains lauric acid, are possibly best known for their antifungal effects. The common fungus, Candida albicans C. Monolaurin has been shown in research to treat infection with C. Also, some other fungi and microscopic organisms may be inactivated or destroyed by monolaurin. These include several species of ringworm and the parasite, Giardia lamblia.

Herpes and MonoLaurin

While the research into the effects of monolaurin in people is limited, it may be useful for the following:. Monolaurin also has uses in food production and manufacturing.

At present, people use monolaurin in the production of:. Additionally, the body can convert lauric acid into monolaurin. The richest food source of lauric acid is coconut oil, with certain coconut products consisting of nearly 50 percent lauric acid. However, experts are unsure how the body converts lauric acid into monolaurin, and at what rates.

As a result, it is not yet possible to say how much coconut must be consumed to receive enough monolaurin to treat or prevent certain illnesses. As a result, there are no dosage guidelines available, and the limited amount of research does not allow scientists to formulate an appropriate range of doses.

Monolaurin is considered safe to consume in the amounts commonly found in foods. It is not yet known if medicinal amounts of monolaurin are safe.

The main risk associated with consuming or applying monolaurin relates to those with a coconut allergy. Anyone who is allergic to coconuts should not use coconut oil or monolaurin that has been made from coconut products. At present, there are no other known risks or complications associated with taking monolaurin in supplement form, but that does not prove that supplements are safe either.

It is also not known if monolaurin interacts with any medications. To stay on the safe side, people should speak to a pharmacist or doctor before taking monolaurin, especially if they are:.Report Abuse. Contact Us. Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention.

L-Lysine Can Help

Trending Coronavirus. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Herpes Community. Anyone tried monolaurin capsules to prevent OBs? I have, they worked and I'm passing on the info. I'm 55, going through menopause and have been plagued by genital herpes from oral sex for 34 years.

My OBs had become especially persistent in the last 2yrs - often back-to-back, and for many years previously I would usually have an OB once a month, mostly premenstrual.

I had tried acyclovir and found that it gave me bad headaches and I read that prolonged use is not good for kidneys -I wanted something more "herbal". It's over six months now that I took my first capsule and I've gone from two attacks a month to none.

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Initially I took one capsule mg a day for the first two weeks, then only every so often ie. I was so impressed with it that I bought a ml bottle and have not had to open it. This is my success story and I now spread the word "monolaurin" wherever I can.

When lysine is too much of a good thing

Hope this helps someone. Answer Question. Read 24 Responses. Follow - 3. Hi there - While those may help you feel better, it is important to note that there is nothing that will cure herpes, or any virus. Also, please speak with your medical provider before starting any new medication or supplement, as they all have side effects. Thanks, Emily.Can you use virgin coconut oil on herpes? Many websites claim this healthy oil is a natural herpes treatment.

Read on and see what the research reveals about this interesting topic. Most infected people will have oral or genital herpes. Once infected, the virus can enter a dormant stage where there are no visible symptoms.

Lesions in the genital area in Genital HSV. The virus is easily spread from person-to-person during an active outbreak and a few days before an outbreak. You may not have symptoms and still infect another person. As mentioned above, there are many internet sites claiming you can use virgin coconut oil on herpes and HIV. This information is partly based on the anti-microbial properties of some ingredients found in the oil.

When properly metabolized, Lauric acid and Capric acid change into monoglycerides a glycerol molecule called MonoLaurin and MonoCaprin. Research has shown that Monolaurin and Monocaprin are proven antivirals. They kill lipid-coated viruses such as Herpes, HIV, and Cytomegalovirus by destroying the lipid membrane of the viruses — causing them to disintegrate. This has opened the door to an interesting field of research on Lauric acid where scientists are trying to harness the antimicrobial powers of these powerful fatty acids.

Some of this research is used to support using coconut oil on herpes. How much coconut oil is needed get a therapeutic amount of Lauric acid in your body. How much Lauric acid converts to Monolaurin for an effective anti-viral response. Research by Dr. His research on Lauric acid shows our bodies convert only a small amount of the fatty acid into Monolaurin. This is equivalent to — ml of coconut oil. Eating this much coconut oil would probably make you sick. Note: this claim was an educated guess.If you or someone you love is living with herpes, you already know about the embarrassment and painful outbreaks that are part of the package.

Luckily, there are some natural remedies and dietary considerations that help. Made from nontoxic glycerin and lauric acid, monolaurin is an antiviral supplement that is used to treat all strains of the herpes virus and other viral infections such as measles. Monolaurin acid is currently sold and available under the brand name of Lauricidin. Lauricidin is the only monolaurin supplement to be tested clinically. Before you buy and begin a monolaurin herpes supplement treatment regimen, talk with your doctor to get guidelines on dosage and to make sure it is right for you.

Destroying the genital herpes virus before it replicates and causes outbreaks is an extremely efficient way to manage herpes. Monolaurin is also said to be an immune system booster with the power to kill viruses and bacteria. Have had herpes for over 20 years with frequent breakouts.

At one time averaging times per month. Before one breakout could end, the next began. Nothing had helped me before…no medicines … nothing.

I began taking this last year. Monolaurin is usually taken orally. To get the medicinal benefits of monolauric acid, it must be taken daily. Regular monitoring of your progress on Lauricidin is an important component of using the drug and customizing your dosage. Over-the-counter monolaurin supplements are available in pill form and should be taken with water and on a regular dosing schedule.

While there was once a topical Lauricidin product that one could apply to blisters, it seems to be off the shelves for now. Coconut oil is made primarily of lauric acid, the precursor to monolaurin, and has shown the same health benefits in clinical trials.

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Dosage should be monitored and prescribed by your physician. Dosages of monolaurin herpes treatment should be personalized and begins with small doses to allow your physician to monitor your progress with Lauricidin herpes treatment and see if increases, decreases, frequency or other alterations need to be made with your prescription.

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After a period of regular treatment, your doctor will move you into a maintenance dosage that will help you keep beneficial levels of monolauric acid. Before your start or stop a lauricidin herpes treatment regimen, be sure you talk with your doctor and follow their guidance and recommendations.

Monolaurin is safe and there are no known side effects associated with consuming amounts found commonly in foods. It is unknown what effects medical dosage amounts may have on safety. There is no long term research concerning safety and monolaurin, so be sure to talk with your doctor to make sure you understand all the risks and guidelines of taking monolaurin.

In addition to a lauricidin regimen, there are complementary treatments you can use to boost your immune system and stave off herpes outbreaks. Eating a diet high in lysinean essential amino acid, can help increase your immunity and work in tandem with monolaurin to manage outbreaks. Foods high in protein such as soy, nuts, beans and eggs are good sources of natural, beneficial lysine. Lysine is also available in supplement form, but most people find it easy to get beneficial levels through foods.

Living with genital herpes presents enough challenges and issues to overcome without worrying about when you will suffer from your next uncomfortable, painful and embarrassing outbreak.The herpes simplex virus HSV is a common virus causing painful, fluid filled blisters or a cluster of blisters around the lips, in the mouth or on the genitals. Herpes zoster is another virus from the herpes family that causes chicken pox and later on in life, shingles.

Herpetic infections affect currently million Americans, or 1 in 5 adults.

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Up toAmericans get genital infections with herpes, and many more have oral infections with herpes. Monolaurin, also known as glyceryl laurate or glycerol monolaurate, is a natural supplement that may help to effectively manage herpes infections.

Monolaurin: What you need to know

Simply put, monolaurin melts the fats and other substances that cover the virus, and thus promotes the disintegration of viral particles. This supplement was developed by chemist J. Kabara recommends an initial dose of 1. Thereafter, he recommends up to 3 grams, three times a day. He believes that monolaurin works best if you start with low doses and gradually increase it until you obtain maximum benefits.

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According to Kabara, you should expect to see results within three to six weeks. The brand of monolaurin I recommend can be purchased at my online store. This supplement should not be used during pregnancy and lactation. Although it has a good safety profile, adverse reactions associated with monolaurin include fever, irritability, muscle aches and pains, which may be explained by the fact that some natural supplements may temporarily cause a symptom aggravation before the healing mechanisms can start the recovery process.

Besides being effective in managing herpes virus HSV type 1 oral and 2 affecting mostly genital areamonolaurin was found effective for the super bug MRSA staph infection resistant to most antibioticsmeasles, hepatitis C, and CMV cytomegalus virus. Some individuals have used monolaurin for other, non-infectious medical conditions such as ulcerative colitis and chronic fatigue syndrome, reporting positive results.

Monolaurin is also a common ingredient found in deodorants, because it has the ability to eliminate the odor of the armpits caused by overgrowth of skin germs. Some shampoos, soaps, and even foods like ice cream and spreads contain monolaurin. As usual, you should consult a physician before taking any supplements to learn more about the proper dosage and any interactions with other supplements or drugs you are taking.

Monolaurin is available alone or in combination with other natural compounds, in capsule or small pellet form. Herpes Blisters treated with Monolaurin Reading Time: 3 minutes. Reading Time: 3 minutes. Dosage and Safety Dr.